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What I Do

Let me help you find the time for the things you like to do and I will get your home in order. Besides the usual tubs, sinks, vacuuming and dusting, I will do the following:
  • Baseboards   
  • Carpet Edges   
  • Spot Carpeting   
  • Scrub Floors   
  • Vacuum Couches & Chairs   
  • Make Beds   
  • Cupboards     
  • Railings     
  • Walls     
  • Lights     
  • Chandeliers   
  • Fans     
Monthly, bimonthly, weekly, or one time only service including move-ins or move-outs. 

I can reach what others leave behind. Over 25 years of honest and dependable cleaning experience. Your home will feel better for it.

References upon request. Salt Lake City area.

Cleaning Lady